Babybel is a brand of cheese sold internationally. The Bel Group introduced Babybel in 1952, five years after Bonbel. Babybel is a processed cheese that is easily recognizable due to its distinctive red wax. In 1977, Bel launched Mini Babybel, which is marketed as a natural, convenient snack and is manufactured in Évron, in the northwest of France.

The original Mini Babybel, a Dutch Edam variety, is encased in red wax. Other varieties are available such as Mini Babybel Light (diet version of the Edam variety) in red wax with a light blue label, Cheddar in purple wax, Emmental (known as Swiss in Canada and the U.S.) in yellow wax, Gouda in gold wax and Goat in green wax.

An advertising jingle associated with the product plays on the lyrics of the Beach Boys song Barbara Ann. The song can be heard on their website.

The enzymes (rennet) in the original and light Mini Babybel cheeses (red wax) are suitable for vegetarians. The enzymes in other varieties of Babybel cheeses are animal-based.