Brie de Meaux

Brie de Meaux is a French brie cheese of the Brie region, boasting an AOC since 1980. Its name comes from the Brie region and the town of Meaux. As of 2003, 6,774 tonnes (-13.4% since 1998) were produced.

It is a cheese with cow's milk, soft dough crust, with an average weight of 2.8 kg for a diameter of 36 to 37 cm. Its crust is thin, fluffy white and dotted with red spots. The cheese is straw yellow, creamy and soft.

Brie de Meaux is originally from the Notre Dame de Jouarre Abbey. In 1793, Lavallée made his praise: "The brie, loved by rich and poor, reached quality before we did not imagine possible."

This cheese was named sacred "king of cheeses" in 1815 by Talleyrand at the Congress of Vienna.

Its best tasting period lasts from April to September after a refining of 8 to 10 weeks. Its yellow straw pulp made at heart reveals a nutty flavor and a slight smell of fermentation. It is more refined, and quite strong. Many wines can accompany the Brie de Meaux: Burgundy, Côtes du Rhône, Saint-Émilion, Pomerol, Pinot Noir d'Alsace, Champagne and other.

The production territory of Brie de Meaux is limited to the departments of Seine-et-Marne, Loiret, Meuse, Aube, Marne, Haute-Marne and the Yonne.

Brie de Meaux is made with raw milk. It takes about 25 liters of milk to make a large cheese. The fermented milk is placed in a tank for 16 hours, then put in bowl for curding which lasts one hour. It is then cut into small cubes with a slice-curd. Finally, it is molded by hand by thin layers with a brie shovel. The temperature in the room where casting is made must be increased to 33 °C for four hours to evacuate the whey, then at 24 C for six hours and finally at 19 °C. It is then drained on mats made of reeds. The next day, the cheese is then salted and they will then remain in the curing room for two days. Then, the cheeses are placed in a room at 12 °C in which they will begin to be refined. The characteristic white wil begin to appear. After one week, the cheese will be placed in another refrigerator at 7 °C. It must wait 3 weeks minimum, typically 6 to 8 weeks to reach full maturity. Throughout the ripening period, cheeses are routinely returned by hand. The time of manufacture of Brie de Meaux is two months.